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This contract is an agreement between the business or person named below, hereafter referred to as "subscriber" and E T Enterprises of Sacramento County, owners of the Sacto.com and SacInternet.com domains, hereafter referred to as "Sacto.com". In exchange for the compensation enclosed with this contract, Sacto.comes agrees to provide the subscriber with a virtual domain on the SacInternet server. This virtual domain may be contracted at the rate below for up to one year. The subscriber will have FTP access to the virtual domain server and will be entitled to 1015 Mb of disk space and 1 Gb of monthly network traffic included in the base subscription rate quoted below. Additional disk space will be billed at $1 per Mb per month, and additional bandwidth at $2 per Gb per month. Under no circumstances shall Sacto.com be held liable for any amount greater than the enclosed compensation.

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Service Requested: Virtual Domain Hosting
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