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Remember the Constitution?

I believe that our federal government is far bigger and more intrusive than what was intended at the beginning of the Union. I hope and pray that the good people of these United States will overlook the temptation of greed, and will rely on the Constitution to help maintain a more perfect union. This page represents a peaceful petition for redress of grievances to the federal government, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

Bill of Rights

Freedom of press, speech and assembly. (text)

Right to keep and bear arms. (text)

Protection from soldier quartering. (text)

Protection from illegal search and seizures. (text)

Protection from forced self incrimination. (text)

Right to a speedy trial. (text)

Right to a trial by jury. (text)

Protection from cruel and unusual punishment. (text)

Unless otherwise stated, rights are retained by the people. (text)

Unless otherwise stated, power delegated to states. (text)

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