``Find us in The Business Directory of Sacto.com´´

``The Business Directory of Sacto.com´´ is meant to help alleviate the frustration of telling people your Web page URL. Instead of saying "I'm at h-t-t-p colon slash slash... " and having them write it down wrong, or type it incorrectly, you can say "We're in the Business Directory of Sacto.com"

``The Business Directory of Sacto.com´´ is also meant to take advantage of geographically local internet usage as well as the global marketplace. Having business listings grouped at a convenient URL can take advantage of the shopping mall concept, that is, people looking for one business just might stop in to see yours.

It is not necessary to host your page on Sacto.com to take advantage of "The Business Directory". We can link to your present page no matter where it is located.

Being in "The Business Directory" will cost you the going rate.

Just in case you move your home page, or wish to have your listing changed, you will be allowed one change per calendar month in your "Business Directory" listing. Additional changes in your listing will cost the equivalent of 10 minutes of HTML programming time at the going rate.

You can sign-up for your "Business Directory" listing by printing the contract and mailing it with your payment to
Sacto.com mailing address

or if you'd like us to get started right away you can email us at sales@sacto.com.

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