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The following prices are valid through March 31, 2013.
Service Type     Cost   Setup
 Domain Hosting  info $30/month $150
 Business Page info $20/month  
 The $10 Web Page info $10/month (paid by the year)
 E-mail Forward (alias) info $2.50/month $5
 Framed Website info $10/month  
 Website Redirect info $5/month  
 Front page icon (100 pixel square)  info   $50/month    
 HTML Programming info $100/hour  
 Expert Witness (CISSP) info CALL  
 Business Directory Listing info $2/month (paid by the year)
 Cheap Seats Listing   info   $1/month (paid by the year)

When you take advantage of the most memorable address in Sacramento, you not only save money on website costs, and have a website address that is easy to remember, but you share in the benefits of increased visibility with all other subscribers, much like stores in a shopping mall. Web Page Buyer's Guide
How to do it for free. brochure in PDF format (page 1)/ (page 2) is owned and operated by
E T Enterprises
Sacramento, CA
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