`` Web Pages can be free´´

Even if you don't own a computer or have an ISP, you can make web pages and have them hosted for you. Here is an example.

All you need to get pages online for free is access to the Web. In Sacramento, you can find public access to the Web at most branches of the Sacramento Public Library, or you can get free internet access from home with NetZero.

Next you will need an e-mail account. You can sign-up for a free e-mail account that you access through the web at Hotmail, NetZero, or Netscape

Now you sign up for free web space at Tripod, or GeoCities.

Use notepad (or any other text editor) to create your pages and save them onto a floppy. Upload them to the server, and you're online! You may wish to take a class at a local community college to help get you started.

The above assumes that you know something about HTML, computers, and the internet. If you're just starting, you might consider hiring a high school or college student to help you get it set up. Or you can hire me at the going rate to set it up for you.

E T Enterprises
Carmichael, CA

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