ET Enterprises

ET Enterprises owns the domain. is a URL redirect and web page hosting service. We offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to link through our domain name. So instead of a confusing URL like

a business can give out the URL and that will get the customer to the right place.

Businesses that have purchased space on the home page can give out

as well as have their banner seen by customers looking for other Sacramento, California businesses.

Page Hosting Services

If your business doesn't already have a web site to link to, can create and host a web page for you that has your business information on it. Included in the monthly price is a maintenance agreement for your HTML page. You won't have to hire a programmer to change your page if your Hours or phone number changes. Here is an example.

E-mail forwarding (aliasing)

You can have an e-mail address on Your e-mail can be forwarded from to any e-mail address you like.

Pricing info

Contact us at:
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