The Top Page Icons of

The "Top Page Icons" of are for rent. The number of spaces available is limited to keep the page within a reasonable size. The spaces can be combined to form a larger icon, but each will cost the going rate for a 100 pixel square, and may be contracted at that rate for up to a year in advance.

"" is an easy name for Sacramentans to remember. It is also a natural guess for people who might be looking for organizations and businesses based in Sacramento. ``The Top Page of´´ can be a safety net for organizations who have similar names that might want to recapture those visitors who wind up here by mistake. As well as being a signpost for those organizations, "" will be a billboard for those people looking for the "Business Directory of" and the "Cheap Seats of"

You can sign-up for your "Top Page Icon" by printing the contract and mailing it with your payment to mailing address

or if you're really impatient, you can FAX the contract to (916) 972-8070 before you mail it.

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